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HnW Card
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About HnW Card

HnW Card enable consumers to avail healthcare services and buy Healthcare products from providers at discounted prices. HnW card provides the flexibility of not only time but money to be able to lead a healthy life. Whether you are looking for discounts on healthcare or lifestyle benefits; we have it all to choose from to meet your needs.
We have created this unique health card to help bridge the gap between affordable healthcare services and consumers burdened by the increasing cost of healthcare. Our Goal is to make your healthcare experience as economical, painless and friendly as possible.


On a wide range of services, treatments & medicines such as Consultation, diagnostic services and pharmaceutical.


Affordable cost with very simple process to use HnW CARD


Being a card it can be carried in your wallet all the time and can be used as and when needed. Providers list is available online at website as well as a Call away.

Unlimited Usage

No limits has no limitation on number of visits or the amount spent. Members can get discounts on any of our packages or treatments, any number of times during their membership.


We believe that prevention is better than cure and that prevention should not be expensive. 

No policy / Age restriction

It is of great help to high-risk people, such as those with pre-existing conditions, and those who are denied health insurance, especially senior citizens, who face prohibitions or have to pay extremely high premiums for a policy loaded with too many clauses and exclusions.

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